What does “Within 3 Business Days” mean?

Does that mean if I ordered something Monday I could get it Tuesday or even Wednesday? I know stupid question, but hey! Free points! 😀

4 Answers

  • Elian
    8 days ago

    Yes, your right.

    And if you order it on friday, you get it either on monday, tuesday or wednesday.

    All days except the weekend days.

  • Lizzy
    8 days ago

    It means when you count 3 days,, only include regular business days, not weekends or holidays. If you order on Monday, the item may be received on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, providing none of those days are holidays.

  • Billy P
    8 days ago

    Business days are Monday to Friday. You’d expect your package between Monday to wednesday If posted that day. You’ll probably get it around Wednesday.

  • nnucklehedd
    8 days ago

    What does the entire sentence say? Does it say you’ll actually receive it within 3 business days, or that it will “ship” (meaning, they will send it out) within 3 business days.

    If you’ll receive it within 3 business days, you don’t normally count today, you start counting tomorrow, meaning, you’ll receive it by Thursday if today is Monday.

    If it will “ship” within 3 business days, this means it will get sent out by them anytime between now and Thursday, if today is Monday. That means if it’s a two-day express shipping service, you might not get it until next Monday if it goes out on Thursday.

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