What does this symbol mean exactly?

It’s the band Oh, Sleeper’s logo. It isn’t evil I know for sure because they are Christian, at least most of the members are. But does this particular symbol have meaning?

Someone said that it represents “satan with his horns cut off, symbolically removing his power”

I like it but I want to be able to inform someone when they call me a devil worshiper


Besides it looks cool too.

Besides it looks cool too.

3 Answers

  • robin_lionheart
    8 days ago

    Oh, Sleeper vocalist Micah Kinard explains they mean by their “broken pentagram” symbol in this OutlawVideo interview:

    According to the Solid State Records website:

    “The broken pentagram adorning the cover of Son Of The Morning represents evil vanquished, both inside and out.”

    …a pentagram isn’t evil though. It’s just a geometrical symbol.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    specific it potential copyright. If something is copyrighted, the owner/author of the factor takes the assumption to a attorney and It gets copyrighted. Then no you will use the assumption/product with out permission of the owner.

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