What Does This “SAYING” Mean??? ” Chandler: Okay, you have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance! “

FRIENDS: The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend


Chandler says this to joey. Joey wouldn’t stop telling at what age did he go to his tailer for the first time.

3 Answers

  • manbearpig!
    1 month ago

    He’s basically saying “too much information”.

    If you push a Q-tip in your ear to clean it out, you have to stop pushing when you feel resistance, or the Q-tip could puncture your eardrum & you’d be deaf.

  • book_worm22
    1 month ago

    I took it to mean that Joey was stupid (because he does say some stupid things), and Chandler’s comment was to insinuate that he pushes Q-tips too far into his ears, which jumbles around his brain and makes him less than smart.

    But it probably means that Joey gave too much information that Chandler didn’t want to hear, as the first answerer said.

    This episode makes me laugh; I love Chandler :]

  • anissia
    1 month ago

    he really didnt want to hear it . maybe a nice way of telling him to be quiet.

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