what does this ratio (1:5) mean?

ok so to make it simple this is about trading cards

theres 30 cards in the series or whatever you wanna call it but theres 30 cards that you can get so the number is 30? ok and each pack comes with 5 cards. so to break it down the 2 most important numbers are 30 and 5 iguess? sorry idont get ratios

there are

2 ultra rare cards

4 super rare cards

7 rare cards

17 common cards

and the ratio for the super rare card is 1:5

so does this mean that for every five cards iwill get 1 super rare card? if not then what are my chances of getting a super rare card?

like isad idont get ratios sorry can anyone help?

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  • Conan
    1 month ago

    1:5 is “one to five” or “one in five”

    If these are Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, you should know that the ratio is 1 super rare per 5 packs, not 1 super rare per 5 cards.

    So, on average, for every 5 packs, you should get 1 super rare card.

    For ultra rares, this becomes 1 ultra rare per 12 packs.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    5 To 1 Ratio

  • Ann
    5 days ago

    A ratio 3:15 is the same as a ratio of 1:5 ( 3/3 :15 /3), That means for every 1 part of something there are 5 parts of another thing. For example, in a bag of M&M’s for every blue M&M there are 5 yellow M&M’s.

  • JJ Marie
    1 month ago

    to put it simply, 1:5 MEANS for every 1 of something, anything, there IS 5 of something else, say you have 12 pieces of fruit, for ever 1 apple there are 5 bananas, so in 12 there would be 2:10 in 5 there would be 1;5 i think you’re probably making it more complicated than it really is, i do that myself but ratios are very easy, just look at it for exactly what it says ok?? that ‘ll help. if it’s 10:1 and it’s about winning ballgames?? for every 10 games only 1 win. see what i mean? email me if u need more help ok?? [email protected] 🙂 i in college algebra so i know just a little bit 🙂

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Yes, that means out of every five cards that you own you will find on super rare card supposedly…

  • dhawal
    1 month ago

    yes every 5 u get 1`

  • Mookie
    6 days ago

    Let s use dollars. for every $1.00 you spend you get a chance to win $5.00. So if you spend $2.00 you get a chance to win 10.00.

  • ?
    5 days ago


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