what does this punjabi phrase or answer mean, Hanji ji, in English?

5 Answers

  • پنجابی جٹ زاهد
    8 days ago

    “Haan jee” means Yes, haan is yes and jee is a polite form of respect / politeness used at the end of the word to express it. It is not Punjabi in the strict sense, it is Urdu but can also be used in Punjabi conversation.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Hanji Punjabi

  • b bus
    8 days ago

    It is a Punjabi phrase meaning “Yes” in the polite sense of “Yes, sir/ madam”.

  • Queen Preeti
    8 days ago

    It is a formal way of saying yes to someone older to you or a stranger

  • P’quaint!
    8 days ago

    “Yes, please!”

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