What does this mean in Arabic? Pls hlp…?

Ahlan a sherif d rif… Labas 3lik alghzal? Kolsi myzan?

What does it mean? How do you respond?

Thanks in advance

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    1 month ago

    This is Moroccan dialect of Arabic.

    That means:

    “Welcome noble man from the Rif. How are you pretty boy/handsome? Everything’s alright?”

    This seems to be intended to rythm more than to actually have a meaning (shrif / Rif, labas ~ ghzal)

    You would answer normally “mzyan lhamdullah*” or “kulshi bikhir** lhamdullah*” (I’m fine, thank God) since it’s the casual way Moroccan respond the casual greetings questions.

    Besides, if it’s in writing (chat for instance) you’d like to use Arabic transliteration in Latin alphabet+Numbers, so:

    * : lhamdullah would be l7amdullah

    ** : bikhir would be bi5ir

    You’re welcome / “bla jmil”

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