what does the word in thai (narak mak mak) means?

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  • ★menta★
    1 month ago

    Two answer above me are correct, I just want to add some more for you.

    Generally, น่ารักมากมาก NaRak-Mak-Mak means Very Very cute!!

    Anyway, it could also mean that you are very very nice/friendly/kind to her/him.

    Hope this can help you a little more. 😉

  • Da–?????-????H
    1 month ago

    It means “very cute!” Narak= cute. Mak=very. In thai, we put adjectives behind nouns 🙂 And we say the word “mak” twice just to emphasize the meaning that that someone is “very cute indeed”

  • ?
    5 days ago

    It means “I love you very much.” It’s a formal way to say it, and it would only be spoken this way by a man. When you write Thai with English letters, it’s more common to spell it one of these ways: “pŏm rák koon mâak mâak” or “phohm rak khoon maak maak”. In Thai, it’s written like this: ผมรักคุณมากมาก. ผม (phohm) = I (used only by a man) รัก (rak) = love คุณ (khoon) = you มาก (maak) = much มาก (maak) = much

  • meinator
    7 days ago

    It means lovely not cute!

  • calvin o
    1 month ago

    It means “very very cute”.

  • Rance
    7 days ago


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