what does the word “baba” mean in nigeria?

pls. help. thanks. 🙂

7 Answers

  • sarang
    1 month ago



  • Media Geek
    6 days ago

    BABA means the Rich All Encompassing sponge cake soaked in rum sap of the 3 stars wise of Polaris that Me(RAK) and my Bud HE point to with a poinsettia folded as such to appear as a cardinal from the Kri blood oven.

  • Satellite Eyes
    1 month ago

    I call my dad that so Im guessing it means dad except we use it in Arabic terms.

  • DejaVu
    1 month ago

    It means father or the respected person…

  • DC Fanatic
    1 month ago

    In Tagalog, it can mean either of the following (different intonations in saying it also).

    – low

    – chin

    – go down / climb down


  • Earthling
    1 month ago

    I don’t know in Nigerian but in Turkish it means “father”

  • Leslie J
    1 month ago

    or ‘boss’ or ‘master’?

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