What Does the term “leather and lace” mean?

there’s this song by stevie nicks and don henley that says “give to me your leather and take from me my lace” .. what exactly does that mean ?

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  • Dean Brust
    9 days ago

    It’s a little metaphorical and evocative. She is saying it to him, using leather to refer to what he wears, or generally to refer to what men wear and how men behave, and using lace to refer to herself, or women in general.

    It is as if she is saying, You play your role in our relationship–be strong and supportive and protective–and I’ll play my part–being loving and nurturing and caring.

    It can also be read to mean, You take off yours, and I’ll take off mine, and let’s see what happens next.

    Like a lot of songs or poetry, there is not one single meaning to it, and it’s open to different interpretations. So what does it mean to you?

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