what does the phrase “to walk between the raindrops” mean?

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  • ••Mott••
    1 month ago

    Its similar to “dodging bullets”. Meaning that one is avoiding disaster by a small margin, or perhaps having great fortune in that you can walk through the rain and not get wet.

  • simo
    4 days ago

    Walk Between The Raindrops

  • girling
    5 days ago

    Between The Raindrops Lyrics

  • TEK
    1 month ago

    It implies an impossibility … as if something was so difficult as to try and walk between the raindrops.

  • Catherine Powell
    5 days ago

    I think it like being able to deal with life s vagaries without getting bent all out of shape. It is not quite as difficult as coming out unscathed from a really traumatic experience. It is a softer way of saying that one can deal with hardships.

  • talismanspeaks
    6 days ago

    It means “Ignore the impossibilities and make your way through life in such a way that nothing can stop you.”

  • TMAC
    1 month ago

    It is the same as walking on egg shells. Or. Trying not to get caught or to fail.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think it means: walk aroud the problems and keep going.

  • megan
    1 month ago

    umm i dunno id tell u if i did

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