What does the I mean in 325I on a BMW?

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    its class- i thin the I is a smaller BMW.

  • HK 840
    2 decades ago

    The “i” means injection in reference to the fuel intake method. As Raimon, states, BMW no longer make traditionally aspirated engines

  • hondapilot4me
    2 decades ago

    The i stands for fuel injected I believe, but if there is only an i at the end that means it is a sedan (330i, 525i). Coupes have a C and Convertibles have a C too (330Ci). SUVs and AWD equipped models have an X somewhere in their model name. (X3, 330Xi)

  • Zinkie
    7 days ago

    i = injector (engine intakes the petrol through an injector and not a carburator)

    d = diesel (vehicle uses diesel, not petrol)

    X = SUV or AWD (All wheel drive, offroad capabilities, large e.g. X5)

    c = Coupe / Convertable (coupe : 2 door four seater hard top; convertable ; convertable)

    M = Motorsport (super powerful engine, extreme acceleration, e.g M4)

    BMW = Bavarische MotorenWerke [Bavarian Motor Works]

    Sheer Driving Pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vaughan_mouton
    2 decades ago

    it doesnt mean anything these days, but it is used to denote that the engine is of the petrol variety , 325i uses petrol, 325d uses diesel(use to be (tdi) … 325Ci is used to denote coupes and convertables and the Li shows long wheel base such as the 760Li….

  • Raimon
    2 decades ago


    Carbureted cars (not made anymore by BMW) did not have the “I”

  • neal540
    2 decades ago

    I = regular wheelbase sedan. IL = long wheelbase sedan. ci = coupe. although it may not say it, cic is widely known to be the convertible.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    It depends..

  • str8_2_it
    2 decades ago

    fuel injection…

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