What does “the edge of reason” means?

Can anyone explain to me the meaning of “the edge of reason”? I’m trying to search for the meaning but couldn’t find it anywhere. (I’m not a native English speaker) Thank you!

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  • d_r_siva
    1 month ago

    “Our two minds …. One is an act of the emotional

    mind, the other of the rational mind. In a very

    real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and

    one that feels” (Daniel Goleman, Emotional

    Intelligence, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 1996,

    page 8). The rational mind is also called the

    faculty of logic and reason.

    The Upanishads say that these two are opposite in

    nature. Emotions appear irrational. Rationality

    seems to lack emotions. Modern psychologist also

    have observed it, but they are not very sure about


    “At the same time, reason sometimes clearly seems

    to come into conflict with some desires (even

    while not being in conflict with others) giving us

    the impression that reason is separate from



    Emotion has usually, in the European- American tradition,

    been seen as the opposite of reason.

    Emotion is generally regarded by Western civilization as the

    antithesis of reason. This distinction stems from Western

    philosophy, specifically Cartesian dualism and modern

    interpretations of Stoicism, and is reflected in common

    phrases like appeal to emotion or your emotions have taken



    Edge of reason means almost on the point of loosing rationality.


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