What does TCR, FCR and SCR stand for in Road bike sizing?

I’m looking for a road bike online (I know I should go into a shop, but I’m looking for a bargain as this will be my first road bike). I’m 5’10 -5’11 I’ve been told a frame size of between 56-58 cm would be good for me. Are the above abbreviations important (whatever they mean) in choosing a good size?

What would I need to look at for wheel sizing?

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Upsidaisy……thanks but that’s exactly where I found the abbreviations!!!

Upsidaisy……thanks but that’s exactly where I found the abbreviations!!!

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  • Glenn B
    1 month ago

    There may be words that go with the lettering, if there is then the meaning has been lost in translation. These are all giant bikes the lettering is used to denote different models. The import thing is that All of these frames are a compact design.

    This means that the handle bar end of the frame sits higher then the seat end of the frame. If you were to buy,even a, 56 cm compact it would be too big. While leg length would be fine you would need to stretch a long way to reach the handle bars.

    The Tcr is Giants performance range currently made of carbon. The Scr is made out of Aluminium alloys. The Fcr is also made from aluminium alloys. The difference is that the Fcr is what is called a flat bar range The bike is fitted with mountain bike style shifters and brakes on a wider straight handle bars (no drops).

    Assuming you are female (from avatar) there are a few things you should also be aware of when shopping for the right sized bike. Apart from the obvious difference between men and women there are quite a few more subtle ones. women (on average) have, smaller feet, longer thighs,a wider pelvis, shorter torso, narrower shoulders, smaller hands.

    If they go shopping armed with sizing charts made for men they usually wind up stretching for the handle bars. The pelvis tends to lean forward more than it should to compensate. The result is soreness somewhere you probably do not want it.

    There are quite a few brands that make women specific designs (Wsd.) also. Sometimes a men’s compact medium will be closest to a women’s large. Then there are brands that measure to the top of the seat post and others that measure to the centre.I believe that they do this diliberately to make things even more confusing.

    If you have a quick visit to any half way decent bike shop they should let you try a few out and tell you the best size in that particular brand. (should be a freebie).

    Ok…… if you are still keen to go it alone then; probably a 56 (centre to top) standard frame.(level top bar) or a medium (about 50cm) compact frame in mens sizes would be close. In a women’s compact check that it is about 50cm (mostly medium some are large). A Women’s design will usually be a better fit, as they cater to those other differences mentioned.

    You will only need to worry about 700 c wheels for your bike. Don’t buy an older bike with 27″, it is much harder to get decent parts for them.

    Once you have made a purchase, getting a professional fitting (not very expensive) is a good investment.

    There are too many girls that stop riding because of sore “bits”. I kind of like seeing more girls ride.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    These are Giant brand specific abbreviations. They each refer to a specific series of frames. The charts listed are necessary for a general fit due to the more compact frame design.

    A 54 – 56 cm would seem to be a typical size for someone your height. The 58 seems a little larger unless you are very long legged. I’m 1″ shorter and ride a 55 cm, and I have long legs.

    Typical measurement = bottom bracket (bbc) center to top tube center (ttc), aka center to center

    Sloping top tubes throw a monkey wrench into these measurements. They are measured = bbc to seat post top. Hence why Giant uses these guides since they are non-traditional frames.

    Here’s how to go to a shop and get a bargain: buy last year’s model. Seriously. Without actually riding the bike, you won’t know which frame is right for you. That online bargain won’t be one if you get the wrong size. And with non-custom frames, theres no replacement for going to the shop.

    And for a 1st time bike, save yourself a lot of money and buy an aluminum frame, not carbon fiber. Carbon is not as durable when it comes to life’s little accidents. A chip in a carbon fiber frame can be dangerous. An aluminum frame will likely only dent.

    Wheel sizes are pretty standard: 700 x 23-25c.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Giant Bike Sizing

  • avivah
    4 days ago

    Giant Scr

  • ?
    5 days ago

    surely everyone has stable advice here – this is, your positioning could be incorrect on a 52cm, yet i might upload that this is important get equipped for the particular bike you opt for. each and every producer has different sizing and different designs might in effective condition you, properly, in a different way. In my modern bike I journey a 59cm and that i spent approximately half-hour at a bike save getting “equipped” for the bike. They watched me journey my bike on a coach and made adjustments to evolve to my torso, palms, legs and shoulders. in the top, they put in wider handlebars, a clean stem and altered my shifters to accomodate a extra comfortable place. maximum bike shops could furnish this provider with a highway bike, even a low end highway bike, nonetheless you could could pay in case you probably did no longer purchase the bike from them. I somewhat have ridden a 58cm, a 59cm and a 61cm for the time of three different manufacturers and each replaced into the final suited length for me for that particular bike. That being suggested, a 52cm and a 58cm is a extensive hollow which could in all danger reason you soreness.

  • sky‹(•¿•)›©
    1 month ago

    this may help

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