What does “strike again” mean in this sentence?

Jason- Oh, I look so brown. The brown Jason strikes again!!

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  • Carl
    1 month ago

    Strikes Again is a phrase used to indicate that it is not the first time the subject has engaged in the activity.

    A better example would be if a serial killer killed another victim the news papers might well say “The Serial Killer Strikes Again”

  • tawney
    4 days ago

    Definition Of Strikes

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Define Strikes

  • Michelle
    5 days ago

    First of all, it is WHAT not WATH. Kind of important. Secondly, the sentence means: Muslim nations CREATE IMBALANCE or ARGUMENTS

  • Jason Corter
    1 month ago

    Just that it isn’t the first time he has looked that way.

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