What does SR (followed by a number) on the side of tires mean?

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  • Naughtums
    1 month ago

    “SR” is an obsolete way of expressing the speed capability of a tire using a now largely discarded sizing standard. The size might read something like “P175/70SR13” undre this old system. The same tire under the current sizing standard would read “P175/70R13 82S” In both cases the “R” means the tire is of radial construction, the “S” indicates the tire has a speed capability of 112mph.

  • phil t
    1 month ago

    i believe that it stands for steel radial…which means that when the tire gets worn down, you will see the steel actually coming out of the tire…dont touch, it’s sharp.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    speed rated

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