What does Spam Check: 12 minus 6 equals mean?

Im signing up for something so i can buy it and i need to do this spam check and it just says Spam Check: 12 minus 6 equals an then gives you a little box what am i ment to write? im from england so if this is a us thing im not used to it lol

6 Answers

  • hackmaster_sk
    1 month ago

    12 minus 6 equals 6

    Enter “6” into the box. If the question is in words, then enter “six”

  • komal
    5 days ago


  • K.karthikeyan.
    5 days ago

    What is thirteen minus 6?

  • Tuli Nadira
    4 days ago

    it equals 6

  • Shahzeb
    4 days ago

    1 plus 5 equals???

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    what spam check

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