What does “Snuggly,buggly,wuggly” mean?

I don’t know what “Snuggly,buggly,wuggly” means.

I looked in dictionaries, but I didn’t find the phrase.

Please tell me its meaning.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Experto Credo
    1 month ago

    It is an idiom that your girl friend uses on you to show her affection for you

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Avatars refer to a concept that is not any different at all from your “real” name as also only concept. This is a spiritual question because, in fact, there is nothing such as a You that exists. The You/Me/I which folks think they are is a linguistic convention for something that exists only in a dualistic consciousness. Importantly and ultimately, there is not a You and Your Life. There is not God except as your dualistic consciousness thinks one up. Knowing this or even just acting as if this were true changes behavior in a positive way. Thinking there is a God usually (not always) results in the worst kind of behavior because of the divisive delusion and ultimate arrogance it is based on. The practice of remembering and reminding one’s “self” this is usually called religion in the broadest sense. Kshetra means a field of action and a holy place – sometimes site of a war – which affects consciousness in the way that physics describes reality. The World Trade Center Site in New York is one such Kshetra.

  • gxl
    1 month ago

    Usually the first word is the real meaning, while the rest have no meaning and is just there for an emphasis effect. It also sounds a little cute. Like, I would usually say, “I love affectionate black cats with a swirly wirly tail.”

    So this kind of phrase is usually consisted of 2 or 3 words that rhyme, and mostly the next word will omit the first letter of the previous word. Eg swirly wirly. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Snugly Definition

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Snuggle is a real word, which means to curl up in a warm place.

    This is a series of rhyming non-words which emphasise the meaning.

    So it is Like snuggling up into a warm blanket on a cold day, and feeling better.

  • yancychipper
    1 month ago

    This is the one time I have seen the expression in literature. This is from Chapter One of th book- Bear in Mind

    The bear is back in my mind

    a grizzly wrizzly izzly bear

    with a flurry of surly wurly feelings

    that want to grow

    and growl

    and snarl

    but they can’t

    because there is nothing

    and nowhere to place

    the snarly warly barring teeth

    feelings so real.

    I have no fairy wand

    to wave

    to make life better

    – to change what has been done

    to 45,000 children a year

    in this country.

    Under the hearts

    of those who say

    they love them.

    I want to shout


    and clear that


    while pregnant must stop

    and . . .

    that the person

    you are growing matters.

    That this person

    matters to me

    and to the others

    who will love

    and care

    and hold the little

    he or she.

    The bear is back

    in my mind as I remember

    when you came

    so small,

    with arms so thin

    and legs so small

    you were ‘bearly’

    a nothing at all

    except a very big voice.

    Bear in mind –

    A growling raging voice

    proclaiming your incidious beginning.

    And not yet half a year

    you vomited every thing you tried to eat

    until we found the special foods

    so you could survive.

    And the mama bear in my mind

    went looking

    for answers

    to help you live

    and grow.

    And you did.

    Bear in mind –

    A growling raging voice

    proclaiming you

    could not be touched

    or held

    or cuddled

    and I wanted

    a snuggly


    buggly child

    who I could hold-

    and so the mama bear in me

    found ways to enjoy you

    and realize that you loved

    the best you could-

    until we learned about

    how your body worked

    and the sensory issues

    and the missing pieces

    and misconnections

    at age twelve

    Twelve years too late.

    how could a mother not know?

    or doctors?

    or others so educated-

    the bear in mind was there searching

    – but not finding


    with no answers

    because I did not

    have the right questions.

    Bear in mind –

    A growling raging voice

    proclaiming that fun things to do

    were too intense

    and yet you

    my child were the most

    intense of all-

    and I learned to calm

    and quiet all the grizzly voices

    in my mind

    and not add energy

    to energy

    so you could learn

    and grow

    and go

    and do like other children

    – and you grew into a



    forgiving child

    woven with the grizzly bears

    of your mind

    we did not understand.

    Alien in a world I understood

    that could not understand you.

    With media

    and advertisement

    undermining all we said-

    because they knew

    and we didn’t

    and they were the truth.

    Oh the bear in my mind

    wants to pound my chest

    and more than growl.

    Do bears roar?

    Bear in mind –

    You grew

    and you grew

    and you grew away

    becausewe were not

    who you wanted to be

    – could be

    – would be

    The bears in our minds

    no longer can remain silent

    – pushing each other away

    with our snarls and growls

    and stares.

    We were not the MTV family

    or the Bratz

    or the Glamour girls-

    we were happy in our litle den

    with our close friends

    doing close friend things-

    while you my little cub

    needed to run and explore

    what you believed were

    pots of honey

    at ends of rainbows

    that did not exist

    except in the media

    of music and video.

    The bear in my mind

    watched as you worked your way

    through your imagination

    of Truth with brain injury

    caused by alcohol to the unborn

    – 100% preventable

    -I asked my child what happens

    when you go around the same tree


    and over

    and in her brain injured wisdom

    she shared.

    “I fall down like a nut.”

    I smile.

    I laugh.

    And I know there is hope.

    Bear in mind

    -I hope you have come

    to the end of yourself

    dear little baby bear

    – your spirit still intact

    – so that it can change

    the course of history

    for others

    – you my child are one

    – only one of many

    – too many

    – 45,000 a year too many.

    The bear in my mind

    wants to hybernate-

    to go away

    and sleep it all off

    as a bad dream

    but there must be no hybernation

    we and weery

    mother bears


    father bears

    must remain awake.

    We must embrace

    the voices of those

    45,000 a year

    450,000 in ten years

    – we must stand together

    with all our bears

    in our minds

    and change the course of


  • Vance
    6 days ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    What does "Snuggly,buggly,wuggly" mean?

    I don't know what "Snuggly,buggly,wuggly" means.

    I looked in dictionaries, but I didn't find the phrase.

    Please tell me its meaning.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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