What does SAK 14K stamp mean on my jewelry ?

on my bracelett lock there’s a stamp that says


does it mean it’s 14K or is it a gold dipped?

3 Answers

  • Michael C
    1 month ago

    SAK = STOLEN AT KNIFEPOINT. Get rid of it!

  • J Sutton
    1 month ago

    “SAK” is a manufacturer’s hallmark. It is like a trademark that tells who made it. In most countries it is a legal requirement that a manufacturer includes a hallmark stamp near the composition (or karat) stamp. We use a stylized ‘S’. The 14K signifies that it is 14 karat gold (58.3% gold by weight, 14 out of every 24 grams are gold, the rest being alloy)

  • Yam King 7
    1 month ago

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