what does re in greek mean?

i always here people saying re and im preety sure its a greek word i was just wondering what it is?

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  • morFing
    1 month ago

    Re (ρε) is an exclamation in Greek. It is not very known that its etymology comes from ancient Greek. It is derived from μωρε (moh-REH) the vocative case of μωρος (moros) that means “fool” in both ancient and modern Greek. It was abbreviated at “ore” at first, and then “re”. It is used when you address to someone and it is not very polite, but it is nevertheless quite common in conversations between friends. If you call “re” someone you don’t know it might show familiarity or aggressivenesss, depending on the case. It is hard to translate it to english, but I will give you some examples were “re” could be used.

    Between friends and not insulting:

    -Hey (you), where is my …? (Here, “re” stands for “hey”)

    or -Hey dude! Hey man! (re file)

    -Come on… don’t fool with me! (ela re…)


    – You fool! You idiot! You *whatever* (re vlaka)

    You might sometimes hear “vre” instead of “re” that is a softer and even affectionate version.

    Edit: just found this article in wiki that explains everything about “re”! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re_%28exclamation%29

  • ?
    5 days ago

    it rather is an abbreviated form of an previous exclamation be conscious that expresses ask your self, admiration, hesitation, of issues or data. It additionally expresses contempt, or camaraderie, friendliness. It developed from the be conscious ????? moros meaning stupid yet from very early Christian years it got here to recommend kalos ?????. that’s extensively utilized as bre (????) vre(???), re( ??). additionally as ore (???). That final one, in accordance to others, has developed from the latin ore (gold). that’s used in the Ionian islands as an exclamation to recommend “sturdy”.

  • Damocles
    1 month ago

    You see a number of Latin (not greek) abbreviations in English. “i.e.” means “that means”, “e.g.” means “for example”, “q.e.d.” is “thus it is shown”, “etc.” is, uh well, “et cetra” – we don’t have an English word for this – we use the Latin term.

    “re” is not a latin (or greek) abbreviation. It is an English abbreviation. It stands for “Reason”, as in “the reason I’m sending this to you”. It is telling you what the letter, memo, etc. is about.

  • Harley Drive
    1 month ago

    it means “about”

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