What does “quelle dommage” mean?

The few online translators I have tried gave me: “Which damage”. This makes no sense to me- I’ve seen the phrase used as a sort of greeting, so I’m almost sure it can’t be right.

Any ideas?

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  • Sabrina(Susananita)
    1 month ago

    As Cabal stated, in English we would say what a pity or what a shame and it should, in fact, be spelled “quel”, dommage is masc.

  • mengesha
    4 days ago

    Quelle Damage

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Such a pity!

    (or What a pity!)

    There’s a wonderful line about that in a VERY old movie with June Allyson…She’s a college student, and one of her group, this really snobby girl, comes back after spending some time in France, and she’s ever so much more snobby, (not to mention they are both rivals for the same guy), and the snobby gal says “Quelle Fromage!”, then goes on to explain that it means “Such a pity!” and June Allyson, who is the A student, and very mousy character speaks up and says…”I think you mean quelle dommage, Quelle fromage means Which cheese?!” And the whole group starts laughing at the snobby one…putting her in her place.

  • Lorna R
    5 days ago

    I think it means what a pity or what a shame but in a cynical, sarcastic way. The person saying it doesn t say it with any empathy for the receiver!

  • Jennie
    5 days ago

    literately, what you write is: oh wow…. which? but if you had a noun, lets say “a nice day”, it would be: oh la la, quelle belle journee! = oh my, what a beautiful day! (crayon is masculin, so it would be “quel beau crayon”.)

  • Cabal
    1 month ago

    “What a shame, what a pity”, as said above. It is spelled:

    Quel dommage.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    “Quelle dommage” means “What a shame” or “What a pity”. It is used just as we use it in English.

    Quelqu’un a volé ma voiture… (Someone stole my car…)

    Ahh, quelle dommage. (Ahhh what a shame)

    I hope this helps^^

  • ?
    6 days ago

    ‘Quelle fromage’ means ‘which Cheese’

  • christine
    7 days ago

    quel dommage = what a pity

    quelle dommage = what a shame

  • Emma B.
    1 month ago

    what a shame or what a pity

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