What does OneRepublic mean on the lyric?

Okay, so in the song Secrets…

It’s a beautiful song. I get the jist of the song, but what does it mean when he says….

“till’ all my sleeves are stained red, from all the truth that i’ve said….”

Did he hurt himself from telling the truth?..please help,,

4 Answers

  • G’Kar
    1 month ago

    i think its a play on the ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ saying. The singer is going beyond that by revealing his/her secrets so his/her metaphorical sleeves are stained red with blood from the ‘heart’…


  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    It means he cut his wrists from the pain and his sleeves are red from the blood

  • Maestro
    7 days ago

    G’Kar is right… it’s a play on the “wearing my heart on my sleeve” saying which means that you’re sensitive, baring your soul, etc. the blood is from his heart (metaphorically) not from his wrists (which wouldn’t stain his sleeves anyway).

  • Tim
    5 days ago

    Wearing your heart on your sleeve sounds good but I really think its a drug reference. One Republic also has multiple drug addiction refences in their song “Counting Stars”. Intravenous drugs like heroin or cocaine cause addicts to bleed while trying to hit a vein. Most where long sleeves to cover the track marks and bleed through the sleeve. I would say that this is a definite reference to that and the struggle to keep a loved one because addiction has caused secrets to be kept. No one likes saying they are an addict because of the negative stigma placed on addicts.

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