What does “most promising” mean on a certificate?

During my schools athletic banquet for playing soccer, I got the award for “most promising female athlete”.

I am wondering what does the phrase really mean?

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  • Lillybelle
    9 days ago

    It means that you tried hard, that you have made a lot of progress since you first started the sport, but that you are not yet proficient. You show promise, meaning that if you continue to improve your skills, you may become a recognized leader on the team.

  • steffi
    4 days ago

    Promising Meaning

  • nataline
    5 days ago

    Promising Definition

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Yep! So don’t ever run for President! Everyone knows there must be a one-form birth certificate for everyone born in America. How dare any state call theirs something different!

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