What does “keep me accountable” mean?

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  • Danny-David
    9 days ago

    This phrase refers to “being responsible” for your actions. It means to keep reminding him that he is responsible for what he is doing (and that you know he is). “The buck stops here” kind of thinking.

  • leist
    5 days ago

    What Does Accountable Mean

  • Doctor P
    9 days ago

    If you’re responsible for your own actions, you are accountable for them. You are accountable for your behavior in school. So even if your friend throws pudding at you at lunch, you don’t have the right to fling mystery meat back.

    Accountable comes from the word “account,” which is itself from the Old French word acont, meaning to count (as in money). While you can be accountable for monetary damages, you’re most likely to be held accountable for your actions and behavior, and the actions of your children and pets.

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