What does “karada ga totemo ii desu yo” mean?

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  • ZC
    1 month ago

    karada – body

    ga – subject particle thingo

    totemo – very

    ii – good

    desu – is

    yo – emphashis particle

    (your, my, his, her etc (who it is is not stated, you’d get that from context)) body is very good.

    Probably as in healthy, fine etc.

  • anh
    4 days ago

    Totemo Ii Desu

  • ?
    5 days ago

    If it is only this sentence alone…. and correct the only sentence i can think of it “I like myself” Since Japanese language usually opt out watashi and anata in their daily conversation, this is the only translation that come to my mind. Proper Japanese should be watashi wa XXXX ga suki desu. XXXX is the object you are refering. Meaning: I like XXXX.

  • everystarrfall
    1 month ago

    [the, my, your… depending on who’s body you’re talking about?] body is very good.

    As in very healthy, I should think.

  • -maaku-
    1 month ago

    “your body is okay”

    -I think this expression is used in medical services…

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