What does “je te plumerai la tete” mean?

I put it in a translator, but it says “I will pluck your head.” Is there a vernacular/slang meaning?

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  • RE
    1 month ago

    I will pluck the feathers off your head.

    The song “Alouette” is addressed to a lark.

  • amsbaugh
    5 days ago

    Je Te Plumerai

  • Jeff
    5 days ago


    Stirring from still sleep

    Nudged back to reality

    Solitary birdsong

    Alone again; awakened lightly

    Early morning singing to itself

    Hear the rare hidden jewel

    Remembering deeply buried inner rhythms

    Joining its chorus of solitude

    The horror of the horned lark

    Peaceful calm gently recede

    Thin trilling slowly overwhelmed

    A touch of sage; yearning need

    Silence now overpowers

    Deeply crippling mindset

    Echoing my own emptiness

    Je te plumerai la…

  • Erik Van Thienen
    1 month ago

    No slang meaning, just that French colonists ate skylarks, which they considered a game bird.

  • ASK
    1 month ago

    I am learning french and it literaly means i will pluck the face or i will pluck your face?

  • L.S
    1 month ago

    I will pluck your head.

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