what does itte mean in japanese?

ok so u can hear itte in almost every anime! what does it mean exactly?!

i also heard it in a song by keno he says: mata ohayou tte itte

i think it means say…but when i look it up in the dictionary it ddoesn’tmeans say..

so heres the question:1-what does itte mean exactly?!

2- does it have a lot of diffrent purposes??

thank you 😀

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    1.it has some meaning depending on the situation

    mata ohayou tte itte means “say good morning again”

    in this case , kudasai is omitted from ittekudasai(please say)

    plain verb is “iu”

    another case, itte means “go”, plain verb is “iku”


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well, this is a pretty good question. I want to assume that you know some Japanese already. For example the dictionary form of the verbs?

    Verbs conjugate according to their use in Japanese. For example one form of the verb is used as a sentence-ending form. another form links to certain other verbs and noun forms. Like aru is the form to use to end a sentence. but aru changes to ari to link to the polite ending -masu. Another form (aru) links with a noun to form a noun clause:

    kono hon ga aru hito wa imasu ka Is there a person who has this book? (aru hito) is a verb modifying a noun. Another form the verb takes in Japanese is called the -te form. It is used to link one verb with another. In some cases this makes a continuing tense as in

    sono hon wo shitte imasu. I know that book. The te form is also used to make a subordinate verb. mise he itte tabemono wo katta. going to the store I bought food. arigatou to itte ojigi wo shita saying thanks I bowed. so you can see so far that there are two different verbs that use the same form iku to go and iu to say. I think there might be some other verb(s) that use this form as well. I cannot think of it for now.

    te forms are also used with kudasai to make polite requests arigatou to itte kudasai Please say thanks. Anyway, I hope you can understand this. It is not something that you are likely to get all in one bite. Not to mention that there is plenty left to know about this subject.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Itte can mean two things; one is “please say (something) and the other is “go (please).

    mata ohayou tte itte means “Please say again good morning”.

    mata= again

    ohayou=good morning

    tte=to(designating particle. to let the person speaking to say ohayou)


  • Rotbuche
    1 month ago

    Mata ohayou tte itte

    In Japanese letters:



    Please say Good Morning again.

    mata = again

    ohayou = Good Morning

    tte is actually an abbreviation of “to”. It means “that”.

    itte = please say

  • Srta. Argentina
    1 month ago

    要って> need

    言って> say

    入って> enter

    行って> go

    一手> One’s effort

    いって> Be

    炒って> Fly

    plus much more

    Romaji can be hard to translate if only one word.

    However, I have a feeling they use the iku meaning of to go.

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