what does it mean when you dream of a bird biting on your finger and not letting go?

it was a canary the bird biting my index finger. it was really scary and i was trying to make the bird stop. what does this mean??

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  • smart went crazy
    1 month ago

    It means whatever you want it to mean. Dreams are just random neural firings. There’s no secret hidden meaning. Thanks Hobson and McCarley!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Bird:To see birds in your dream, symbolizes your goals, aspirations and hopes.

    Canary bird: To see a canary in your dream, represents happiness and harmony. Alternatively, the dream could indicate your desires for a relationship or that a new relationship is blossomin


    To see your fingers in you dream, symbolize physical and mental dexterity. They indicate manipulation, action and non-verbal communication. If you dream that your fingers fall off, then it suggests that you are letting a situation dominate you or dictate how you behave. You may be literally losing your grip on life. To dream that you are crossing your fingers, symbolize optimism, success, luck and hope.

    To dream that your fingers are injured or have been chopped off, denote your anxieties about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in some waking situation.

    Animal attack: To dream that you are being attacked by an animal, is a warning to be careful with those around you. Take notice of who you know in your waking like that shares and exhibits the same qualities of the animal that attacked you in your dream.

    To dream that you kill an attacking animal, suggests that you are going against your instincts or gut feeling.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think it means that you feel out of control on some level. Try lucid dreaming.

  • Jolyn S
    7 days ago

    So weird. I had the same dream last night. Must mean something. .

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