what does it mean when an ambulance turns off its lights enroute to the hospital?

I was in traffic this morning, and passed an accident with injured victims. I followed the ambulance for a few miles in traffic, only to see him move over to the right lane and turn off his lights and sirens in the thick of traffic.

What does that mean for the victim in the cab? Has the victim died, or moved to stable condition?

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  • Ladder 26
    1 month ago

    It could mean a number of things. Ambulances and their paramedics or EMTs aren’t just driving fast to save a life, they are performing a number of treatments while enroute to a hospital. It can prove difficult to start an IV or perform other tasks while driving fast, zipping through traffic. It could be that lights and sirens weren’t needed, maybe they got the patient stable. If the patient died or coded chances are they would continue treatment lights and sirens to the hospital, unless in extreme cases. When my patient is nervous or experiencing chest pain i tend to have my partner kill the lights and sirens, unless it’s absolutely needed. Noise, bumps, and commotion can prove too stressful for a person with chest pain.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s batteries ran out.

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