What does it mean when a Guy calls you his Woman?

My boyfriend called me his woman yesterday. I liked it, but I was wondering what he means by it? I’ve heard other guys refer to their girlfriends as their woman. It’s sweet but at the same time possessive.:) What do u think?

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  • dickatool
    1 month ago

    well,a man saying “his woman” has a lot of synonyms…

    1.he brought u as his woman(persia/slaves)

    2.he is ur lawful woman(islam/legally wed wife)

    3.he won u as his property and has every bit right on u(old greek/roman stuff)

    4.it wud hav been a lot prettier if he had said ‘lady’…..either way he wants u to be his woman(wife)

    CELINE DION sang “coz i am ur lady and u r my man” what did she mean ther???

    its just one of the sweet names we make up…..

  • KennyG
    1 month ago

    You answered your own question…it’s sweet but at the same time possessive. YOU have to decide how MUCH sweet and how MUCH possessive, and if you can live with that combination. If your bf treats you as a possession, you will have a long and unhappy future ahead. (The SWEET part of it will fade to insignificance.)

  • Ilyabbas
    1 month ago

    It might be meant in a sweet way. Or he’s probably heard his guy friends call their girlfriends their “women.” But it does sound possessive. Anyway, his actions are more important than his words. If you get along fine, then keep him. Good luck!

    Please answer mine:

  • James
    1 month ago

    He likes u alot and doesn’t want to see u go it’s a good thing

  • Ria
    1 month ago

    she wants u to be his gf and u should wait till he propose u and don’t be in too much hurry, give him some time

  • Vi.
    1 month ago

    They have claimed you. I think it’s sweet too 🙂

  • mariposamorena
    1 month ago

    it means that your his property.

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