What does it mean when a guy acts like he’s into but he calls you friend?

I have been talking to this guy for about 10 months now I think we’re great friends but I wish we were more. I feel like we sort of are more but sometimes, when he texts me, he’ll say “Hey friend!”

For example we were talking one night and he seemed almost like my boyfriend…

Then the next day he says “Hey friend!”

I was looking into it a lot and I was thinking maybe he wants me to correct him? Like should I ask him Are we friends? because I really don’t feel like we are!

Like 6 months into our ‘friendship’ he asked me if we are friends i said what else would we be

he didn’t reply to me after i asked “what else would we be?”

It’s so weird… :/

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  • Brenda M
    1 month ago

    Be careful first, it does sound like he’d like more…………..

    but he values your friendship so much he may not want to lose that

    maybe he would rather keep you close rather than risk your relationship

    going bad if you started dating then broke up

    If he hasn’t made a move or hinted about you n him together, then i dont think

    this is going to be more than it is now

    good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    have you guys kissed at all or come close? once i had a guy best friend and it felt like that sometimes and he would do the same thing, in txts start with hey FRIEND. i took it as though he thought i had a crush on him and wanted to make it clear we were friends. thats the way i took it. one time shortly after that when i was drunk at a party i told him i liked him and he rejected me. so that was fun. i would say maybe just drop hints about boyfriends/girlfriends. act like ur joking and be like oh we would make an awesome couple! or something like that, see how he reacts! if he goes along with ur jokes then id say go for it! and if he doesnt then either hes way too annoyingly shy or he doesnt like u in that way.

  • cantara
    4 days ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it means that he is afraid to tell you he likes you! maybe when he is away sometime (like on vacation or something) text him, do you like me? and then it will be less painful because you wont see him the next day! and if he says no, say that was my friend _______ (insert name there <<) or mabye even ask a friend of his!

  • rastabreezy
    1 month ago

    yu should definitly say something

    because it seems like he does like you

    and is jus waiting for you to make it official

    that you guys could be more than friends!

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