What does it mean to love in black & white?

What does it mean to say that someone “loves in black & white.”

it’s in one of my favorite songs:

“I’ts the way that you talk & the way that you smile & the way the you love black & white.”

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  • daizeydee33
    1 month ago

    I agree with the answer above …

    When something is in black or white, it either is or it isn’t. There are no grey areas. You either do or you don’t. With true love, it’s unconditional. You can’t pick and choose when, where, and how you are going to love another person because it’s convenient with or for you. At least you shouldn’t. You should love that person at all times and all places (meaning when you are comfortable, timid, hurried, hushed, having a good day, down on your luck, etc.). You shouldn’t love a person more when they are doing “right by you” or pleasing you than when they are, say, disappointing you. I think that is what it means anyway … ♥

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Black And White Love

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I have just read 17 other answers to this question, and I have to admit, YOU are a bigot if you actually believe this racial crap you are spewing here. TWO words, URBAN MYTH. Exactly NONE of the white women in my 60 years of life experience have ever expressed this “secret love” you claim. A more enlightened man or woman ignores race or color and if this is true as you assert, then these women are racist against WHITES. I have NO doubt that exceptions exist. I have no doubt that there is at least one woman who secretly loves black guys just as I believe there is at least one white man who secretly loves black women. There is no general rule here and if you believe there IS, then you are as stupid as the one or two stupid people who actually may hold this racist, bigoted belief. The thing is, about women, ALL women are pink inside and bleed red blood. So, I have to ask… What does the color of the wrapping paper have to do with the contents? And WHY would YOU think there is some correlation or general rule that applies here?

  • Esteemless
    1 month ago

    If something’s black and white

    it means there’s no grey areas, it’s very straightforward: like yes or no

    to love in black and white i’m assuming

    is loving someone in a straightforward manner where there’s no uncertainties.

  • Lalitha R
    1 month ago

    Black and white are the basic colours. Colours are added according to our imagination and experience.Accepting situations and facts as such without prejudice is also’black and white.’ Taking things without any frills is black and white.

  • © ♪♫♪ tori ♫♪♫
    1 month ago

    There are several possibilities to love in black & white. t

    1-that it doesn’t matter whether you agree with or not what they do because, for you, grey zones do not exist, and your love is pure and without judgment.

    2-that the color of a person’s skin doesn’t matter; love simply is.

    3-with love, you cannot set rules since that would then require you make judgments. This is a bit out of range for the truth of love since parents must set limits to protect their children as they teach them; society much live by rules, so within the constricts of those rules you love and do not judge.

    4-the you love artwork by Ansel Adams and other photographers who photograph in black and white taking advantage of the grey areas to add dimension.

    5-with #4 in mind, we have ended upon truth since in black and white the grey areas do add dimension to love itself; but it is judgment free.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    well the phrase of seeing in black & white generally means that you see people/things as 100% good or 100% bad. there is no gray in between that represents a balance of some good and some bad

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

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    What does it mean to love in black & white?

    What does it mean to say that someone "loves in black & white."

    it's in one of my favorite songs:

    "I'ts the way that you talk & the way that you smile & the way the you love black & white."

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    It means unconditional love

  • Alexis
    1 month ago

    To not see color when loving someone ? o.o

    but the song makes me think that their not racist

    iono …sorry

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