What does it mean to dream about someone else wearing my clothes?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The person wearing your clothes is actually part of your sub-conscious mind’s interpretation of yourself. It’s not another person although it appears to be in the dream – it’s YOU.


    Now, I can’t say that with 100% certainty. Dream interpretation is inherently kind of difficult. But I had something similar happen. I recently reunited with my high school girlfriend of 28 YEARS ago. She’s a doctor now with some (well, more than just some) psychiatric skills thrown in for good measure. Anyways, I told her that she has been appearing in my dreams quite often. (We are still close friends even after all this time and she comes to visit me every two weeks or so). Her thoughts were “Eric, that’s really not me. That’s a part of YOU. You’re a guy, yes. We know that. LOL. But there IS a feminine side to male brains and there’s a masculine side to female brains.” IDK. Made sense to me though. She finished it off with her classic phrase “There it is.” 🙂

  • ?
    4 days ago

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