what does it mean to cook with love?

so I’m having trouble writing an essay on this topic for my 12th grade English class. It’s my final so it will have a big affect on my grade & i just need some help on how to start an essay on this, just some ideas on what others think it means also

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    7 days ago

    On my opinion cooking with love means that you are very passionate about cooking as a process and also that you care about the person you are cooking for (if it’s not you). Doing your best for someone you care about and making them happy as a result is a huge joy. Your work has been rewarded with compliment and everyone is happy, yay 🙂

    For inspiration try watching some Martha Stewart 🙂

    I think your essay will be a narration, because there’s no theses to argue, no things to persuade in or whatsoever. So I’ll leave below some inspiration and guides. Hope this helps

    “There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.”

    ― Thomas Wolfe

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    You should write essay in impressive language using good idioms and phrases, as you are in higher standard now. Use good vocabulary words to convey your ideas and thoughts through essay effectively. Using good phrases, such as cook with love, in your essay can help you present it in a better manner making good impression on the examiner. The phrase “ cook with love” means cooking food passionately from bottom of heart to offer delicious food to someone.

  • Ashley Renae
    7 days ago

    To cook with love…hmmm lets see I would think that this is something like putting PASSION into cooking, putting yourself into your work kind of thing..

    Cooking with love means to make things you care about for people you care about or not even that but putting actual effort into what you are doing. Cooking with love is all about creating something memorable and something that you can tell you spent obvious time and effort on. Basically its you actually trying.

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    7 days ago

    I’m guessing cooking with love means you’re actually passionate about cooking and you like to do it for fun. It’s your lifestyle. You’re not just doing it for a grade or to get girls. You actually like doing it for fun/ it’s your passion. Hope I helped!

  • Greg Brothers
    7 days ago

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