What does it mean “Merci Goku” or something like that?

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  • G. #2
    10 hours ago

    Goku is a character from dragon Ball Z and merci means thank you in French.

  • Ruzanna S
    10 hours ago

    The French “Merci beaucoup” (pronounced as [mer’si bo’koo]) means “Thank you very much” in English.

  • ?
    10 hours ago

    You’re probably thinking of “merci beaucoup.” That means “thank you very much” in French.

  • t2kmf
    10 hours ago

    merci beaucoup ‘Mersee Boku’ = Thank you very much

  • kumorifox
    10 hours ago

    Merci beaucoup

    It literally means “Many thanks”, as in, “Thank you very much.”

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