what does it mean begin each day as if it were in purpose?

say this quote on hitch

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  • Shazzy
    1 month ago

    I think the quote was “Begin each day as if it were on purpose.” This means begin each day with gusto! With the intention to do some good in this world, to make a difference. You could compliment someone, help someone out, thank your parents or a friend, and set a new goal. It simply means to approach a new day with energy and thanksgiving for another day of life on this great earth!

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Actually life has no meaning in general, but only weak people get upset by that…. Just think a second, if we had a meaning/porpuse why would we try to reach it? To feel meaningfull Why do we want to feel meaningful? To feel good and happy Why do we want to feel good and happy? Only a philosopher or materialistic would try to answer this…. So, even if life lacks of general meaning, that doesnt deny that you cant feel good and happy… You know, having a moral, likes, love, personal porpose and a free will, gives more value to a self than a general meaning of existence. And to be a little more complex, “Life IS FOR” is not the correct way to start your answer, “Life CAN BE” sounds exactly why im triying to explain… And by the way, diying is the end? I dont think so, nothing in this universe end, but pass through a infinite cycle, nothing has a begining or end, all things in this universe were, are, and will be

  • Margeaux
    6 days ago

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    what does it mean begin each day as if it were in purpose?

    say this quote on hitch

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