What does “it breeds eternal misery” mean?

I heard Spencer from pretty little liars say “you know how i feel about hope it breeds eternal misery”

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  • R T
    8 days ago

    It continually makes one miserable and they don’t really ever get over it.

  • Alicia
    6 days ago

    Context is important. For the first time Spencer says this quote, she has been working very hard all sophmore year and interning all summer to get great grades in order to earn her reward of having the newly rennovated barn to herself for junior and senior year. Then her sister, Melissa, announces that Spencer will not be moving into the barn. Instead Melissa and her new fiance will be. Melissa then says, “I was hoping you d be happy for me.” The quote about hope is Spencer s cheeky reply to communicate that she isn t happy for her sister. In that context, it basically means, if you were hoping I d be happy for you after you stole the barn from me, then you will be disappointed, and it s your own fault for hoping for that after taking the barn without even asking first.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    He’s saying that hope is a bad thing that will do nothing but make you feel bad — FOREVER — probably because (he believes) you’ll get your hopes up and always be disappointed.

    He’s wrong, by the way…

  • Kenneth
    4 days ago

    Hope is all we have,you can’t lose it…if you do then misery wins!

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