What does “good enough never is” mean?

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  • LC Instructor
    8 days ago

    Usually it means, you can try harder.

    “good enough” means that you did an adequate job but not your very best effort. So the other person says that maybe you think you did good enough, but it really isn’t that great.

  • Laura
    5 days ago

    I can’t give you precise meaning, because this is a riddle, and riddles are open to interpretation. Because their meaning is deep, it is also wide. One of my interpretations is a statement on the times we live in. Planned obsolescence, outsourcing, a stock market composed of components that MUST make a profit EVERY quarter, or loose their investors. Greed is never satisfied, the more you give it the more it wants and the less it cares about what it takes to get MORE, yet the less it satisfies. There is the word, “satisfied” could this be an equivalent to “enough”? The question becomes, then, if too much is never enough, if greed never satisfies, if too much is never satisfied, then what DOES satisfy? I love riddles!!!!

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    It means that when someone says something is “good enough, ” it’s just an excuse and whatever they’re describing is not actually good enough. It could also mean that if a person says something about their situation or their life is good enough, they’re just settling for something that they don’t really want.

  • ihde
    5 days ago

    Good Enough Never Is

  • Stephine
    6 days ago

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    What does "good enough never is" mean?

  • Janet
    8 days ago

    That even when u say something is good enough it really never is good enough. Good enough is never enough.

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