What does “Gone until November” mean?

What does it mean when someone say they are gone until november? I’ve heard a few rappers say it (ex. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, etc.). I have even heard a song by Wyclef Jean called “Gone Till November” . So I know it is not just an irrelevant phrase. I’ve read the urban dictionary definition, but I need some confirmation.

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  • thumb me down, you know you wanna
    1 month ago

    october is when the DEA starts cracking down on crimanals they have been following all year. Narcotics specifically. November is when its safe to be on your grind again.

  • Phil
    8 days ago

    Kind of surprised by the answers here as I thought this was common knowledge. The song is actually about leaving the city to harvest marijuana. Once finally harvested there is a long prep process for trimming and curing before the ‘trimmers’ return home to the cities where they normally live.

  • amaya
    5 days ago

    Til Urban Dictionary

  • Prince Midas
    1 month ago

    Moving weight to out of town clientele

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    means you are gone outta town to sell some keys

  • Libs do it better
    1 month ago

    means that Wayne is locked up until november, the rest I really don’t no

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