What does GAT mean in filipino? Ex.: Gat Jose Rizal?

Gat Marcelo H. Del Pilar

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  • obet_dionisio
    1 month ago

    GAT – is a title given to person who is regarded as a national hero, or to a person who has done greatness during his/her lifetime, especially during the Spanish and American occupations of the Philippines.

    GAT during early times is also given to people with nobility, but not necessarily a Datu or a Rajah whowere considered leaders of a certain group or area.

    Lately, this has not yet been applied to any person for a long time. Probably because we have not had a person worthy to be called a GAT or a hero.

    While NInoy Aquino is considered as a national hero (I do not know where this was officially conferred to him), he has not yet been accorded the title of ‘GAT”.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    jose rizal is the national hero of the philippines. gat is a title. here’s what i found it: Gat — Possibly a foreign title as Bergano lists neither gat or pamagat. Also, some of the words compounded with “Gat-” look foreign i.e., maitam in Gatmaitam may come from the Moro languages in the South. These surnames may represent the ancient marriages with nobility from Brunei and Sulu. Gat has a connotation similar to “Don” in Spanish.

  • Averell A
    1 month ago


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