what does enabled and disabled mean.?

is enabled like yes and disabled no?

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  • Teddy’s Mom Chiliswoman
    1 month ago

    No. Enabled means that you are ENcouraging something to happen.

    Disabled means that there is something that is not accessible for use – whether it is a software program, a part of your body, or your motor vehicle.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Enabled means supporting behavior that is not beneficiary for being independent. Example, your eighteen-year-old son always gets a car ride home when he is well old enough to take the bus. Disabled means to take away an ability to function normally. They are two separate things. And when parents handicap or enable their children they’re not literally causing them to have a disability, but to become too reliant or dependent on them.

  • ♥Dee W.
    1 month ago

    Well, if you are talking about a computer program, then I suppose enabled means ON/yes & disabled means OFF/no.

    People are generally referred to as able-bodied/normal OR disabled/handicapped. I have never heard a person referred to as an “enabled” person, but now that you mention it, I like the way it sounds. It gives them a label too!

    We humans also have “enablers”, but that’s a whole different psychological set of issues.

    I’m giggling at the possibilities.

    Have a star for an interesting question!

  • NoHearYa
    1 month ago

    I sometimes go online -usually use American Dictionary Online: http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/


    en·a·ble (-nbl) KEY


    en·a·bled, en·a·bling, en·a·bles

    To supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity; make able: a hole in the fence that enabled us to watch; techniques that enable surgeons to open and repair the heart.

    To make feasible or possible: funds that will enable construction of new schools.

    To give legal power, capacity, or sanction to: a law enabling the new federal agency.

    To make operational; activate: enabled the computer’s modem; enable a nuclear warhead.


    dis·a·ble (ds-bl) KEY


    dis·a·bled, dis·a·bling, dis·a·bles

    To deprive of capability or effectiveness, especially to impair the physical abilities of.

    Law To render legally disqualified.

    OR you type search box: define enable

    then you’ll get several answers!


    Enable means to allow, permit and make possible


    Disable means stop, halt and put out of action

    Good question & hope this helps!

  • sweet_blue
    1 month ago

    enabled is when someone has some mobility

    and ability to get around. They can get around and do things

    with no problem.

    If someone is disabled this says they have limited


    Also disability prevents a person from

    living anything close to normal life.

    but they try.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When you put a disabled person in a good chair they can have improved mobility and they are enabled in the world.

    It’s only a negative if you make one out of it.

  • sky
    1 month ago

    Enable means you can and Disable means you cannot!

  • Hignite
    6 days ago

    If I disable private browser, does this mean I am allowing the sites to be tracked? If not how do I make it where I can turn off the private browser and have things tracked?

  • Jenster
    1 month ago

    well, there is this thing called a dictionary. And its even online. you just put “dictionary” into your search engine. Then you can look up all sorts of interesting words and see all the different meanings one word can have.



  • jacksonpaige16
    1 month ago

    I have to agree with Dee W. 😀

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