What does ‘disabling damage reported’ mean?

I’m looking into buying a car but the CarFax says this:

“Accident reported

Involving right side impact

with another motor vehicle

Disabling damage reported

Vehicle towed”

What exactly does disabling damage reported mean? Thanks.

8 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Disabling Damage

  • AnonymousGearhead
    7 days ago

    It means run, don’t walk, away from this nightmare. That means it was damaged so badly it could not be driven away. This means engine or suspension damage or frame damage. All of these are likely true, which is the perfect reason to avoid it.

  • Fred
    7 days ago

    It’s a clear warning to stay away from this vehicle

  • g
    7 days ago

    The automobile was damage to the point where it was no longer drivable. Major red flag, Matt, it may or may not have been repaired to it’s full.

  • Coffee Drinker
    7 days ago

    It means the car was in an accident and the damage was bad enough that the car couldn’t be driven and had to be towed.

    It does NOT mean the car was totaled. A “total loss” is when its damaged to the point where it either cannot be physically repaired or the repair cost would exceed the value of the car and is not financially practical.

    In many cases cars are totaled for minor, easily repairable damage simply because the car is old and doesn’t justify repairs. Newer cars almost always justify the repair based on the value.

    My recommendation is to ask for documentation of the car being repaired by a qualified shop. If repairs were performed at a qualified shop then you have nothing to worry about in most cases. If repairs weren’t done right someone could have fixed the obvious body damage but there could still be structural damage

  • Greywolf
    7 days ago

    It means “Don’t buy this car unless you want endless trouble”

  • wendy_da_goodlil_witch
    7 days ago

    it means the car was so badly damaged it could not be driven and had to be towed. the frame was probably bent so it wouldn’t drive straight.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    It means it was in a wreck and it had to be towed, just like it says.

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