What does De lo mio mean in English?

Spanish to English translation

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  • …………
    8 days ago

    It’s hard to guess out the exact meaning without a context but think about two people having a quarrel and one of them says angrily,

    -No cojas nada de lo mío. Tú, coge tus cosas, no las mías.

    (Do not take anything that is mine. You take your things, not mine).


    It’s the only situation that comes to my mind.

  • brion
    5 days ago

    Mio In English

  • ?
    6 days ago

    I’m 100% full blown Dominican Raised and born in DR. till i moved to NY recently. I’m eating mangu as we speak… anyhow “De lo mio” –> one of mine, or one of ours… relates to what maurice was talking about sharing common grounds and identifying your self in a peaceful way with another person as part of the same background. And for the record the word slang for Dominican is nonexistes “esa vaina no existe” we express what we mean through art, music, slang and culture. Like right now im about to finish this comment but im saying goodbye to one of my own… @maurice “De lo mioooo”

    6 days ago

    that is NOT the best answer…..lol smh…the term “De Lo Mio” = “One of my own” …. 2 or more individuals that share a common ground in some way, shape or form. EXAMPLE: If im dominican [which i am lol] and some one else is as well…. I can refer to he/she as de lo mio. Because we both share the culture of being dominican.

  • junior
    6 days ago

    Ha! both of them are wrong. De lo mio is a slang greeting and also part of a song.

    its a colloquial way of saying you are my friend.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    The best could get was this- “Tone he denied it because they say seems to me that mine nege” Tone could be a name, like the other person said, but I don’t know. “Nege”? I have no clue… in Slovenian, it means “care”. If it’s negar, it could be, “deny”.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I’m not completely sure about this one

  • Kit Kat
    8 days ago

    you mean…. Dios Es Mio. Oh my God

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