What does “Chulita” mean?

My mom is mexican, and has been calling me Chulita since I was born, and I can’t remember what it means. Like, I know it, but I can’t remember, can you help me?

OH, she calls me:





so does Chulita and Chula mean the same thing?(I know Chu is just short for the both of them)

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  • Miss Ivory
    1 month ago

    Chula means beautiful, princess, cute girl, precious… Actually it has lots of meanings, i gave you some examples.

    Chulita is like a small chula haha and you’re right, chu is a short way for both of the chulas hehe…

  • oracle
    1 month ago

    The “ita” on the end of the word makes it a diminutive of the word “Chula,” or “little Chula.”

    The word “Chula” has many different meanings, depending on how it is being used. Your mother is probably using Chula as a term of endearment meaning “my smart, attractive (beautiful)little one.”

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A word made of Spanish slang, derived mainly from the word chula. A lil’ sexy mama, a lady who has the looks that catches the eye. Petite with a provocative style.

    Spanish slang. Brought to you by:


  • ?
    1 month ago

    Chula is beautiful/pretty.

  • Mogul Warrior
    5 days ago

    It is used to name a river and an area in Alaska. So I curious still to know what is the origin of the word.

  • Mictlan
    1 month ago

    it varies





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