what does chingow mean?

i need to know if it considered profanity. in the 1980’s while living in los angeles a co-worker told me to use chingow instead of profanity so as not to offend other co-workers. i’d like to know if this is correct

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  • steiner1745
    1 month ago

    It’s a corruption of Spanish “chingado”, a curse

    much like our “F” word. Any Mexican co-worker

    would certainly understand it!

  • sophieb
    1 month ago

    sounds to me like that’s some word in a language other than English that your co-worker knew. Which language it is I have no idea. Tell us what language your co-worker might have spoken and you’d know the answer. Sometimes people use a different or unknown language to the area to disguise a similar word or description of someone.

  • J.J.
    7 days ago

    I can use it in some examples.

    If you stub your to you say “Ay chingow!”

    If your dog eats your breakfast you say “Pinche chingow!”

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