What does “Ching Chong” means?

I speak Mandarin and Cantonese, and I have never heard of the words “ching chong” before. I been called a “ching chong” many times. It’s quite offenses, even if I don’t know what it means.

Plus, why is the pinky finger the chinese middle finger? I’m chinese,and I have never heard of it until my “friend” hold it up to me.


Does it sounds funny or something?

Does it sounds funny or something?

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  • Nanase Okawa
    6 days ago

    Richard is correct. It is a a mockery of how Americans hear the Chinese language. Ignorant people use it to make fun of Chinese people– typically if they are crude enough to use it, they probably can’t tell the difference between any of the Asian languages.

    The ‘pinky finger’ thing is another example of ignorance. America often translates things incorrectly , a common problem when translating between and culture. It creates misconceptions. Somehow, the idea that holding up a pinky finger instead of a middle finger in China is another one of those misconceptions. People can be very narrow-minded and rude, and this means they speak before they think. Instead of looking it up to see if it’s true, they just assume what they’ve heard id right. Sorry about that.

    If your “friends” do anything like that again, tell them you find it offensive. If they don’t stop, don;t talk to them. Go make some respectful friends. Good luck.

  • ?
    6 days ago

    It’s a derogatory term for Chinese people. Apparently, it’s supposed to be what narrow-minded Americans think that the various Chinese dialects sound like.

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