What does a scribe do in a debate?

teacher assigned me to be a scribe, don’t really know what I’m supposed to do!

3 Answers

  • Joseph
    1 month ago

    A scribe is the person who takes notes on what is being said in the debate. It can be done by pen and paper, recorder, or by video. Best way is recorder or video. This way, your report on the debate will have no inaccuracy’s. If anyone says that you made a mistake in the report, just go back to the tape/recorder/video.

  • matt
    1 month ago

    Scribe means write. So, the simplest answer would be to write.

  • Sdadada
    1 month ago

    You take note of all the arguments given by the speakers. Under the arguments, you note the evidences used by the speakers.

    Take note of all the clashes that the negative speaker addresses.

    When the judge does not know who to pick as the winner, he will usually to his or your notes and compare to see who had the most arguments or most evidence

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