What does 3OH!3 Mean?

The band 3OH!3, why is that their band name? And how do you pronounce it, if you were talking in a sentence.

Like you wouldnt say “Hey, you should check out that band Three O H exclamation point three.”

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it’s pronounced three oh three and i think it’s their area code or something

    they’re terrible anyways so who cares

  • Johni Boy_x
    1 month ago

    Hey, well man, 303 is the area code they’re both from.

    And you pronounce it “three-oh-three” just like they say it in their songs and such.

    Listen to their song “Colorado” on their first album.

    It pretty much tells you everything.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You just say three oh three.

    “3OH!3 (pronounced “three oh three”) is an American hip hop/electronica band from Boulder, Colorado. The band is named after the 303 area code, which covers Boulder, Aurora, and the Denver metropolitan area.”

  • Christina [Pacman]
    1 month ago

    Its pronounced three oh three and its the area code of Boulder Colardo where the band is from:]

  • Filmourworld.
    1 month ago

    You would say; “Did you ever hear of the band 303”

    Just instead of boring 303 they change it up and spelled “oh” and added a exlamation point just to make the “oh” a little bit more out there.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it’s the zip code for the town they’re from in colorado.

    i usually just say “three oh three” and people know what i’m talking about 🙂

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Three oh three, kinda like 303

  • Cheyenne D
    1 month ago

    i’m not sure why they chose the name, but when you are talking in a sentence, it’s THREE OH THREE. (3 oh 3).

  • bootphysicsx10
    1 month ago

    You would say “Three-Oh-Three.”

    Its the area code for where the band originated from.

    I think its the Denver area…

  • Margaret
    5 days ago

    i am taking a wild guess here, i think it means that he wants to have sex with a girl with no emotions attached, when the sex is done he doesnt want her going after her and trying to make it more then just sex

  • anythinglikeme
    1 month ago

    its three oh three its colorado’s area code where they’re from :))

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