what does 160GB HDD mean?

i want to know for a lap top do i have to buy this separate and would it go internally or is it an external product , it says my lap has a storage of 160 GB HDD format so i know this Laptop I only bought for 349 it only came with Main memory of 1gb please help

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    HDD = Hard Disk Drive

    the 1gb is reffering to ram

    (temporary storage that programs use, which u need to upgrade as well if ur running anything later than XP)

    160Gb is hard drive space the physical drive where all ur files go be they music, word, docs, etc.

    U can buy external USB drives, in fact i recommend it when it comes to lappys :P.

    Use the one inside ur laptop for all ur programs an stuff, then move all ur files to an external one.

    Best to get one with a power cord as there have been issues with the laptops not supplying enough power through USB ports alone. However a USB powered external HDD will be small an more portable.

  • Marco G
    1 month ago

    HDD means Hard Disk Drive, and it is used to store the operating system and your programs and files, in your case it is 160 GB in size, GB stands for Gigabyte. The HDD is usually an internal device, basically a small metal box with magnetic discs that spin and where this stuff gets recorded. The main memory is also internal, it is a small plastic board with memory chips soldered onto it and some metal contacts, we call it a “memory stick”. The main memory is very fast, much faster than the HDD, and is where the programs are temporarily stored when they are being used: your computer grabs what it needs from the hard disk drive and loads it onto its main memory so that it can work with it. You have 1 GB of main memory, it is not too bad, though 2GB or more would be better. Most lap tops allow you to add more main memory, by adding another stick of memory into an empty internal socket, you can take it to a store and they’ll do that for you.

  • Mr. Zildjian
    1 month ago

    the 160 HDD is your hard drive- where you store your Operating system (Windows XP, Vista, or 7), your music, pics, docs.. etc.

    This is built into the computer (typically).

    $349 sounds like a decent price these days

    the 1GB of memory = RAN. (random access memory). This is a completely different part than the HDD.

    memory helps the computer run programs and switching between them. Lets say you have Itunes, and Microsoft Word open- your probably going to be using about a quarter of your RAM.

    U can email me with more questions if needed.

  • George H
    1 month ago

    Your laptop HAS 160Gb hard drive internal with 1GB of of RAM . It would be difficult to buy a new factory laptop without a hard drive and RAM! Price isn’t the determine factor! Only for the whole laptop. That’s not a bad price! You could get an external hard drive if you need more storage space but 160GB is good enough for general storage..that is if you don’t intend to load it up with hundreds of pictures and music!

  • 6ftwonder
    1 month ago

    main memory of 1gb is the RAM, standing for Random Access Memory, it pretty much cuts the connection between your hardrive and cpu so that instead of the cpu loading data of the hardrive, you load it of the RAM, WHICH is alot faster.

    You have 160 gb of storage which is about 40 000 songs of data you can hold. ANd its internal

  • ?
    1 month ago

    The hard drive – the storage device – has 160 Gigabytes of space available

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