what does 10 to the dozen mean, and where did the original meaning come from?

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  • Doethineb
    1 month ago

    Ten to the dozen,” means something going at a cracking pace. It originated during the 18th century and referred to the pumps used in the mines at Cornwall, England. The original phrase was “nineteen to the dozen,” which was changed with time and usage.

  • chickering
    5 days ago

    Ten To The Dozen

  • llyn
    6 days ago

    It is a phrase used by stupid people who don’t think about what they are saying. It cannot possibly mean “going very fast etc.” It can only mean the opposite. How ever many times it is used by however many people doesn’t make sense!

    The correct phrase is nineteen to the dozen

  • musa
    1 month ago

    It means going very fast or working very hard.

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