what does 010 mean?

I saw that alot in chat rooms and I have no idea about it

4 Answers

  • bytekhan
    1 month ago

    if it is in binary, it is the number 2.

    If it is in octal, it is the number 8.

    if it is in hexidecimal, it is the number 16.

  • gang
    4 days ago

    010 Meaning

  • Chεεrs [uk]
    1 month ago

    Ermm it’s pretty rude…

    Eiither you saw “lol” meaning laugh out loud

    Or I am not allowed to post what 010 means. Sorry but it is rude. If you email me I will be able to tell you.

  • kaMii
    5 days ago

    symbol for titty *******. with the 0’s representing **** and 1 representing cock xD

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